Tasmanian Planning Commission

What visual motif can capture the idea of planning? When plans are put onto paper, they are sketched out in broken lines. I have used a combination of a solid line (the present) progressing to a broken line (the future) to map out the domain of the TPC in planning for the future of Tasmania. The spaces within the broken line are represented in multiple colours, reflecting the wide range of issues in which the TPC is involved.

In creating a design to capture the essence of the TPC, it was important to convey professionalism, competence, impartiality and dignity. It should not look stuck in the past; nor should it be at the mercy of current trends or fashions. In fact, the identity should not be a ‘logo’ in the sense of a device that is more suitable for commercial or corporate interests. To this end, the typography is crucial. Hypatia, designed in 2002 and best described as a humanist sans serif, blends some appealing individual characteristics (the humanist side of the equation) with the clean modern lines of contemporary sans serif typefaces.

The identity work extended across stationery, website look and feel, e-newsletter and annual report.