Geeveston Circuit and Platypus Walk

We had a good feeling about this project from our first site visit, when we saw several platypus swimming serenely in the creek that runs beside the walk. One even waited patiently for our photographer to change lenses.

The aim of the Geeveston Circuit is to give visitors a chance to take a walk in the fresh air and learn more about this feisty timber town, famous for its big trees, its apple orchards and the wildlife on its doorstep. Having worked up a healthy appetite, they’re likely to stay in town a bit longer to patronise the local eateries, shops and B&Bs.

The walk links three major points in the town: the Southern Design Centre, the Forest and Heritage Centre, and the existing Platypus Lookout. Huon Vally Council commissioned us to do the initial scoping report, interpretation, writing and graphic design. The walk includes five interpretation points and there’s a wayfinding brochure that promotes the walk, helps visitors navigate their way around Geeveston, and provides a handy souvenir of a day to remember.

Writing and graphic design: Julie Hawkins
Platypus photo: Paul Yonna
Three-dimensional design: Tim Williams, Red Arrow