Julie Hawkins

I have been a self-employed graphic designer since leaving art school in the mid 70s, working in a range of locations from the steamy tropics of North Queensland to the snow-covered mountain backdrop of Hobart.

Although I work in a location in which it’s too small to specialise, I have continued to follow my special interests in graphic design, which tend to the paper side of things – books, magazines, reports, quarterlies, and just about any other kind of publication you can think of.

And beyond paper, there’s the adventure side of graphic design – venturing out into the wilds to design interpretation signage (and publications) for national parks and other land managers.

My formal design qualifications are a diploma and a degree from the Queensland College of Art. I’m a long-standing member of the Australian Graphic Design Association and Interpretation Australia. I do pro bono work for a number of worthy organisations, principally the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Having moved onto computer in 1985, I continue to enjoy the unfolding of new technology as it lifts graphic design out of the cottage industry category and into the 21st century.