Design Strengths

My work is primarily paper-based; it’s my first love. What could be more rewarding than book design, where I have the responsibility of putting someone’s blood, sweat and tears onto the printed page?

In the past few years I have been in demand as a book designer of non-fiction, mainly Tasmanian, volumes on subjects as diverse as shipwrecks, plant names, white water rafting and trams.

The advent of e-books will see this experience brought to a screen near you, and therein lies a fresh challenge. The medium may change, but the design skills will remain equally relevant.

Beyond books, there’s a wide range of printed materials that I enjoy working on – annual reports, catalogues and brochures. I source printing for clients where required, doing my best to promote choices that are environmentally sound.

My second design love is the field of interpretation, in all its diverse glory. I’ve worked on many interpretation projects – signage, publications and visitor centres – collaborating with interpreters, writers and three-dimensional designers. Think of finding your way around Uluru in the Northern Territory, following the Convict Trail around the Tasman Peninsula, or discovering the shipwrecks and safe havens on King Island – these are all projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

As well as graphic design skills, I have honed my writing and text editing abilities to give projects that extra edge. This is a particularly good combination in interpretation projects, where the medium and the message form a very tight fit.

I hope that you enjoy having a look at In Graphic Detail. If you’d like to know more, please contact me.